This Microsoft account is associated with a different XBox live profile

Thursday, 29 November 2012 01:11 by ranjanbanerji

When you get a new XBox and go through the initial setup process the last step is about setting up your XBox Live account.  Now if you already have an XBox live account from before and you use that account’s information you will get the following message “this Microsoft account is associated with a different xbox live profile. try a different account”.  In my case I didn’t even know I had an XBox live account.  I guess at some point in time I had set it up.

One thing that the XBox initial setup routine does not do is ask if you already have an account and then download your profile.  But if you back your way out of the setup of the XBox live account process on your XBox (no there is no exit or cancel button that I could find).  Once you are at the XBox Home press on the Guide button on your controller.  Its the big button with an X on it right in the center of the controller.  When you press that guide button you should get a menu with one of the options being to download your profile.  Select that option, enter your windows live email address and password and you should be good to go.

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Just went through this today in 2017 for my xbox 360.  This is the first article that pops up so I wanted to make sure this is updated.
Microsoft makes this so confusing.
There are a couple things you need:
-Microsoft live account
-xbox live account
-There are gametags and xbox profiles.  They are the same thing basically.  

1) You first need to sign up for a microsoft live account then using that live account you can create and xbox live account (google those).
2) You will get an automatic gametag (i thought it was hacked, but its some random gametag name).  You will need to update your gametag to a unique name by going to your xbox live profile.  You get only one of these changes for free, so choose a name you are sure of.
3) I had a bunch of offline profiles on my xbox360 console and was trying to associate these accounts with the xbox live account.  YOU CANT DO THAT.  You need to DOWNLOAD the new account created.  Go to the settings and click "download profile", enter all the info, and you are good to go.  THAT is the one you will use to sign in with xbox live.


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