How much can you trust your financial institutions

Thursday, 2 June 2011 00:56 by ranjanbanerji

All major web sites claim that they protect your privacy and data.  The ones that say so the most are financial institutions, banks, credit card companies, investment banks etc.  So you would think that these institutions live up to their promise.  At the same time we all struggle to contain the amount of spam we receive.  If you have an email address that you use frequently, soon you will be flooded with spam.

So in order to maintain some sanity i have (like many others) multiple email addresses.  Each address has a purpose.  One such email address is to deal with financial institutions.  Emails received at this address go straight to a special folder.  This way i receive all bill payment notifications, statements etc.  And since financial institutions are supposed to protect my data, I get no spam in this folder.  Also I make sure I request that my email and information not be shared with the financial institutions partners and that I do not wish to receive newsletters, promotions, etc.

Well this worked well for about 5 years.  Not one piece of spam.  Not until a few days ago.  Not only did I receive spam but it was a phishing email claiming to be from Adobe.  So this is probably not a case of some banks partner sending me a phishing email.  More likely this is a case of some bank losing its data to a hacker and now this data has been sold/distributed to all kinds of people.

So much for protecting my data.  I wonder if I should be listing every financial institution I use but I am not sure that will help any bit.  But be assured, your information is NOT safe with them

This is the email I got:



We are pleased to announce the new Acrobat Reader which will enable you to view, create, edit and print PDF documents.

In addition to increased features, the Acrobat Reader now also contains critical security updates.

To upgrade your application:

+ Go to
+ Get your options, download and upgrade.

Thank you for choosing us, the worldwide leader in PDF Reader solutions.

Mike Robertson
Customer Care

Copyright 2011 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.
Adobe Systems Incorporated
343 Preston Street
Ottawa, ON K1S 1N4


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Harvard Law Bloggers Join the Spam Bandwagon

Sunday, 27 December 2009 09:42 by RanjanBanerji

I guess that joke about burying a lawyer 20 feet underground because deep down they are really nice people may actually hold value.  Harvard Law School now allows people to create blogs at I am not sure what the restriction level is but at least I could not create a blog using my hotmail or gmail address.  Further research reveals that only someone who has a Harvard or Radcliffe email address can create a blog. One would think such a blog site is not such a bad thing.  But it appears that some or at least one of these aspiring lawyers is more interested generating spam than in law.

Some person named Scott Hancock and I am guessing this is a pseudonym, unless he is a complete jackass, has gone and created some blogs at the Harvard Law blog site and is now using a BOT to make bogus comments on other blogs and drop his URL link in those comments in an attempt to make his blog popular.  The blogs in question are:

Oh Well I guess some loser is fighting hard to get his 3 seconds of fame.  Considering he is going to Harvard I guess he is a rich loser.  So if anyone has details on this joker maybe I can sue him and live the American dream  LOL.  Of course maybe this person is spamming the world as a part of an academic endeavor.  A project of sorts, a Harvard case study perhaps.  You know, where, for example, “smart” Harvard people shoot someone only to establish the fact that a gun can actually kill.

As for Harvard Law School, well now they are officially an active participant in the world of spam.  Coming soon to a mailbox or blog near you “VIAGRA and PENILE ENLARGEMENT from Harvard Law School”.  Something tells me they need both more than the rest of the country.

I wonder what is the likelihood that I am actually the one who gets sued for this post.  LOL

C’est la vie mes amis, such is life…..

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