iPad – First Impressions – Piece of Shit

Wednesday, 1 December 2010 23:02 by RanjanBanerji

So I just got a brand new iPad.  Luckily I did not have to pay for it.  Lucky?  Why?  Well anything free is always good right?  I suppose but quality should matter too right?  So I get the iPad, charge it, then turn it on, hoping to see all those cool things the Apple commercials claim.  But alas nothing.  Nada.  Apparently I need to buy a computer in order to run this computer.  The iPad is a worthless piece of plastic unless you own a Windows or Apple computer and then you must install iTunes on that computer before you can get the iPad to work.  Why do people call Steve jobs a genius and an innovator?  Seriously?????

Isn’t it interesting that Micorosft is considered evil for supplying IE with Windows but Steve Job’s Hilteresque strategy with the iPhone and iPad is considered cool.  LOL

Hence my statement that I am lucky I did not have to pay for this shit.

More on the iPad:
So as i use the device, I must admit its very well made, I noticed one more weirdness that I find unacceptable.  I went to youtube on the iPad and searched for a song.  The result list I got is not the same as I get on my computer or my droid.  It turns out that certain songs though legally available via youtube, are not available to iPad users. hmmmm  Censorship?  This is a joke right?  And people love this... why?

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