Harvard Law Bloggers Join the Spam Bandwagon

Sunday, 27 December 2009 09:42 by RanjanBanerji

I guess that joke about burying a lawyer 20 feet underground because deep down they are really nice people may actually hold value.  Harvard Law School now allows people to create blogs at http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/. I am not sure what the restriction level is but at least I could not create a blog using my hotmail or gmail address.  Further research reveals that only someone who has a Harvard or Radcliffe email address can create a blog. One would think such a blog site is not such a bad thing.  But it appears that some or at least one of these aspiring lawyers is more interested generating spam than in law.

Some person named Scott Hancock and I am guessing this is a pseudonym, unless he is a complete jackass, has gone and created some blogs at the Harvard Law blog site and is now using a BOT to make bogus comments on other blogs and drop his URL link in those comments in an attempt to make his blog popular.  The blogs in question are:




Oh Well I guess some loser is fighting hard to get his 3 seconds of fame.  Considering he is going to Harvard I guess he is a rich loser.  So if anyone has details on this joker maybe I can sue him and live the American dream  LOL.  Of course maybe this person is spamming the world as a part of an academic endeavor.  A project of sorts, a Harvard case study perhaps.  You know, where, for example, “smart” Harvard people shoot someone only to establish the fact that a gun can actually kill.

As for Harvard Law School, well now they are officially an active participant in the world of spam.  Coming soon to a mailbox or blog near you “VIAGRA and PENILE ENLARGEMENT from Harvard Law School”.  Something tells me they need both more than the rest of the country.

I wonder what is the likelihood that I am actually the one who gets sued for this post.  LOL

C’est la vie mes amis, such is life…..

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